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27th March
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27th-30th March

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30th March

Batman Movie Premiere

31st March
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St Joseph's School Chinchilla began as a Parish School staffed by the sisters of St Joseph in 1923. The Sisters of St Joseph continued to serve the Parish and children of Chinchilla until 1992 when the school was handed over to a lay Principal and an all lay staff for the first time. These teachers were commissioned to continue the job of service to the Catholic Community of Chinchilla by providing sound Catholic Education.

Our philosophy is to allow for the full personal development of our students. This development embraces their physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual nature. Each child is respected as an individual and every effort is made to cater for the individual needs of each student.

Within the education process at St Joseph's, is the vital place of Christian faith. It is our task to nourish and support the children's own faith journey through the experiences they encounter at school. We teach the Gospel values from the Catholic Tradition, always remaining sensitive to children from other faith families. The total educational program will be directed towards equipping our students with the necessary skills and self-appreciation, so that they can take a positive and fulfilling place in modern society.

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Community News 

As we break up for school in two weeks’ time, there will still be two weeks until Easter, which falls on the last weekend of the school holidays. This year, St Joseph’s school will not participate in any Easter activities until the first week back in Term Two. The Easter period actually lasts for six weeks from the Easter weekend! The six weeks leading up to Easter though, which is Lent, is a time for fasting, prayer and alms giving. Over the Lenten period, classes are focusing on learning about the events and faith practices observed during Lent and Holy week.

As families enrolled at a Catholic school, you are aware of the faith and beliefs that guide the principles and religious practises of St Joseph’s. We ask that at this time, you respect Catholic beliefs and acknowledge the liturgical calendar that guides our Church’s seasons and wait until after Easter if your child is wanting to share Easter eggs or hot cross buns etc… with their class. Please speak with myself or your class teacher if you have any questions about this.

Next Friday on assembly Prep R and their Year 6 Buddies will present a film project depicting the ‘Road to the Cross’. Please join us for this last assembly of the term.

Project Compassion continues in the Parish until Easter, but these last weeks of Term are the classrooms last opportunity to become the best fundraisers for this year’s project. The response has been great, with many students donating their hard earned pocket money or going without a special treat in order to donate the money to those in need instead. We thank parents and families for supporting the students with their donations; the act of making a personal sacrifice to help aid someone else’s comfort, health or safety instead of always putting ourselves first, really does go a long way to helping form positive future attitudes as adults.    

PARISH SACRAMENTAL PROGRAMME – First Eucharist and Confirmation
The Parish Sacramental Programme to prepare children to receive the sacraments of First Eucharist and Confirmation begins next term. Father Gonzo will lead the sacramental team, parents and children over the six weeks of preparation. The first session will be Wednesday 26th April at 5.30 – 6.00p.m., parents and children meeting at the St Joseph’s school library. The following weekly sessions will also be 5.30p.m. and dates are as follows:

3rd May ~ 10th May ~ 17th May ~ 24th May  ~ 31st May

The Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated on Friday 2nd June with Bishop McGuckin presiding.  The sacrament of First Eucharist will be celebrated that same weekend in the Parish Mass.  Children who have received the sacrament of Reconciliation are eligible to enrol. Parents and guardians wishing to enrol their child, please contact Father Gonzo at the presbytery on 4662 7031 or email olhcchinchilla@bigpond.com

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