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24th February
SW Swimming
Caritas Just Leadership Day

27th February
School Board Meeting

1st March
Ash Wednesday

6th March
District Rugby League and Netball

9th March
District Soccer

14th March
Grip Leadership Conference

17th March
St Patrick's Day

20th March
P&F Meeting
St Joseph's Mass
9.30am School Hall

27th March
School Board Meeting

27th-30th March

Parent Teacher Interviews

31st March
Final Day of Term 1

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Uniform Shop Hours
Wednesday & Friday 8.30am-9.00am

Physical Education
Tuesdays: Prep, Prep/1, Years 3 and 6
Wednesdays: Yrs 1/2, 2, 4 and 5


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Welcome to our website.....

St Joseph's School Chinchilla began as a Parish School staffed by the sisters of St Joseph in 1923. The Sisters of St Joseph continued to serve the Parish and children of Chinchilla until 1992 when the school was handed over to a lay Principal and an all lay staff for the first time. These teachers were commissioned to continue the job of service to the Catholic Community of Chinchilla by providing sound Catholic Education.

Our philosophy is to allow for the full personal development of our students. This development embraces their physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual nature. Each child is respected as an individual and every effort is made to cater for the individual needs of each student.

Within the education process at St Joseph's, is the vital place of Christian faith. It is our task to nourish and support the children's own faith journey through the experiences they encounter at school. We teach the Gospel values from the Catholic Tradition, always remaining sensitive to children from other faith families. The total educational program will be directed towards equipping our students with the necessary skills and self-appreciation, so that they can take a positive and fulfilling place in modern society.

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Community News 


We were very fortunate to have author, Phil Kettle, visit St Joseph’s on Friday, 10th February. Phil has published several
book series. Years 3 to 6 enjoyed workshop sessions with Phil, where he shared his inspiration and process for writing. He even created some short stories using some of the characters in our classes, as well as giving the students a sneak peek into his new series. During Phil’s visit, many students took the opportunity to purchase an autographed copy of one of his books.

Phil spoke to the students about the importance of reading and of all family members modelling and sharing reading. He shared that the key to writing is starting with something you have experienced or love. Many of his stories were based on the experiences he had as a child and about things he loved or was interested in.

More information about Phil and his books is available via his website:  https://philkettle.com/about-phill/



South West Basketball Trials
Hayley, Koen, Brock and Quincy travelled to Roma last Friday to compete in the South West Basketball Trials. Students are to be commended on their excellent efforts and sportsmanship during the Trials. Special mention to Hayley who was selected as a member of the Regional 10 – 12 years Basketball Team. Hayley will now compete at the Darling Downs trials in Toowoomba on Monday 13th March. We wish Hayley every success in her training and preparation for the Regional Trials.

South West Swimming
Congratulations to Ben, Linx and Andee, who were all successful in qualifying for the South West Swimming Carnival in Charleville this Friday, 24th February. Unfortunately Ben, Linx and Andee are unable to attend the Carnival, but we congratulate them on their achievement in making it to this next level of competition.

Darling Downs Aquathon
Andee had a double booking this Friday and is unable to attend the South West Swimming Carnival as she will be attending the State Aquathon in Hervey Bay on the 23rd and 24th February. Andee was placed 3rd out of a field of over 50 competitors at the end of 2016 in the Darling Downs Aquathon. Andee is a member of the Darling Downs Team and will compete in a 1km run, a 200m open water swim and finish with a further 1km run. We wish Andee every success at the State Aquathon and look forward to hearing of her success.

Last week, Mini Vinnies held “Watermelon Week” at Joey’s.  These events allowed us to well and truly get into the spirit of the Melon Fest and helped us to kick-start our fundraising efforts for the year.  On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we held some fun watermelon colouring-in activities for a cost of 20 cents. Then, on Friday, we sold cold watermelon slices and had a face-painting station where students could have a watermelon painted on their cheek for 50 cents each.

A very big thank you must go to the O’Leary family who donated the watermelons for us to sell. All of the activities and events were very well supported by our Joey’s community and we are so grateful for your generosity. Throughout the week, we were able to raise a total of $238.75 which will go towards some of our projects for the year.

Mini Vinnies Committee for 2017

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