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Important Dates
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21st October
Crazy Sock & Coin Trail Day
Mission Month Liturgy

24th October

School Board Meeting 5pm

26th October
Teaching and Learning Leadership Day

1st November
Melbourne Cup

11th November
Remembrance Day

21st November
2017 Prep Orientation Morning
P & F Meeting 5.30pm

23rd November
St Joey's Swimming Carnival

25th November
Semester 2 Reports Cards Issued
P&F Thank you BBQ and Concert

29th November
Year 6 High School Orientation Day

3th November
Year 6 Graduation & Awards Ceremony

2nd December
End of Year Mass

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Uniform Shop Hours
Wednesday & Friday 8.30am-9.00am

Physical Education
Tuesdays: Prep, Prep/1, Years 3 and 6
Wednesdays: Yrs 1/2, 2, 4 and 5

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Welcome to our website.....

St Joseph's School Chinchilla began as a Parish School staffed by the sisters of St Joseph in 1923. The Sisters of St Joseph continued to serve the Parish and children of Chinchilla until 1992 when the school was handed over to a lay Principal and an all lay staff for the first time. These teachers were commissioned to continue the job of service to the Catholic Community of Chinchilla by providing sound Catholic Education.

Our philosophy is to allow for the full personal development of our students. This development embraces their physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual nature. Each child is respected as an individual and every effort is made to cater for the individual needs of each student.

Within the education process at St Joseph's, is the vital place of Christian faith. It is our task to nourish and support the children's own faith journey through the experiences they encounter at school. We teach the Gospel values from the Catholic Tradition, always remaining sensitive to children from other faith families. The total educational program will be directed towards equipping our students with the necessary skills and self-appreciation, so that they can take a positive and fulfilling place in modern society.

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Community News 

Between, Tuesday 18th and Friday 21st October, all classes are collecting coins for their class coin trail. The classes will lay the trail during Friday middle session: 11.00 – 1.00pm. Last year the combined coin trails from Prep to Year 6, stretched unbroken, along the concrete paths from the hall through to the front gate and back towards the main school building. This year we shall be looking to beat the amazing distance that was achieved last year! The class with the longest trail will receive a special award from the APRE! So start collecting now to help make your class the champion fundraisers for Mission Month!


Last Sunday ten Joey’s students represented our school at the Swans Primary All Schools Touch Carnival in Dalby. The girl’s team played five great games during the carnival. With two wins against Mary MacKillop Catholic College and Toowoomba Christian College and a loss against Glennie in their pool, the team were thrilled to move into the semi-finals. After an exciting win which went to a drop off, against Fairholme College, the team were so excited to play in the grand-final. This final game was a tough match for the girls and after a great effort they were unfortunately defeated by Glennie. Each player was awarded a runner-up medal for their fantastic effort and sportsmanship displayed throughout the day. Belle, Emma, Holly and Kate represented Joey’s in a relay challenge against other teams in the girls division. After a fast paced, exciting race the girls won the challenge! All players should be proud of the way they played and supported each other during the day. It was great to see their team spirit so strong. Thanks to Miss Marsden for her coaching and motivation. Special thanks must go to all the parents and grandparents who transported the players to Dalby and cheered for them on the day. Congratulations girls – what a great result!

Last week we had the opportunity to pay a visit to Healthy Harold in the Life Education van and participate in a module titled “It’s Your Call”. The students discussed safe and unsafe behaviours when online, looked at different situations involving peer pressure and identified the definition of a drug.

Learning with Harold

Big Night Out - “The battle of bubbles” Tournament St Joseph’s Primary School has a small but strong team of parents and school staff who contribute to creating a great school community and a wonderful learning environment for our children.

We aim to raise funds by putting on our annual event, The Big Night Out, which is enjoyed by our whole community. After 10 years of amazing success with our Big Night Out Rodeo, our P & F decided this year to evolve it into a different format and offer a unique event that involved the participation of our whole community, a Bubble Soccer Tournament. Our first year of “Bubble Soccer” is done and dusted. Despite of our weather scare it was an action packed day, full of laughs and giggles. It was wonderful to see the crowd create such an electric atmosphere as they cheered for their friends and team members. So many people have commented that 2016 Big Night out had a lovely and happy “feel” to it.

Thank you to all the parents, children and friends who attended the Big Night Out last month and to the parents who participated in our bouncy tournament. This was a terrific way to start the new chapter of our fundraising ventures and we look forward to many more.


Each year a number of days are allocated to Pupil Free Days in State Primary and High Schools, Catholic Primary and High School and Independent Schools. These days are for all Staff; both teachers and school officers to attend. These days are also known as Staff Professional Development Days. Staff professional development may cover such topics as literacy, numeracy, curriculum changes moderation, behaviour management or child protection. Over the past school year, the teachers at St Josephs have been involved in developing units in relation to changes in the Technology curriculum, working on new directions with writing skills, moderating pupils work, attending the Bishop’s In-service Day and developing plans for the school year. Much more professional development is undertaken during staff meetings and out of school hours to enable the smooth running of the school and continuous development of teaching skills at St Joseph’s.

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