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Important Dates
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29th August

District Cricket Trials

29th August - 2nd September
Book Fair

1st September

Year 4/5 Mass

2nd September

South West Athletics Carnival
Father's Day BBQ

5th September

Year 4/5 Camp

6th September

Kids Connect ICT Conference

11th September
South West Cricket Trials

12th September

Book Week
2017 Prep Enrolment Interviews

16th September

Book Week Parade
Final Day of Term 3

3rd October

Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

4th October

Classes resume for Term 4

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Uniform Shop Hours
Wednesday & Friday 8.30am-9.00am

Physical Education
Tuesdays: Prep, Prep/1, Years 3 and 6
Wednesdays: Yrs 1/2, 2, 4 and 5

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Welcome to our website.....

St Joseph's School Chinchilla began as a Parish School staffed by the sisters of St Joseph in 1923. The Sisters of St Joseph continued to serve the Parish and children of Chinchilla until 1992 when the school was handed over to a lay Principal and an all lay staff for the first time. These teachers were commissioned to continue the job of service to the Catholic Community of Chinchilla by providing sound Catholic Education.

Our philosophy is to allow for the full personal development of our students. This development embraces their physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual nature. Each child is respected as an individual and every effort is made to cater for the individual needs of each student.

Within the education process at St Joseph's, is the vital place of Christian faith. It is our task to nourish and support the children's own faith journey through the experiences they encounter at school. We teach the Gospel values from the Catholic Tradition, always remaining sensitive to children from other faith families. The total educational program will be directed towards equipping our students with the necessary skills and self-appreciation, so that they can take a positive and fulfilling place in modern society.

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Community News 

On Thursday, 1st September, Years 4 and 5 students will celebrate the Feast Day of our Diocesan Patron Saint, Mary of the Southern Cross. A Liturgy will be held in the church at 10.00 a.m. and all families and parishioners are most welcome to join the students and teachers. Last year we celebrated with a mass, but due to Father Gonzo being away at this time, we shall enjoy a Liturgy of the Word instead.

The first celebration of the Feast of Mary of the Southern Cross, as the diocese has chosen to refer to it, took place on 1 September 1999. The day is a solemnity across the Diocese. The date of September 1st was chosen because it is the anniversary of the taking possession of the Cathedral by our first bishop, James Byrne; it is eight days before the Feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary and therefore would create an octave; and it is the first official day of Spring in Australia and an appropriate day to be specially marked. It is also a day when no other feast is celebrated in Australia.

The Patronal Feast is a day on which we especially pray for the whole diocese and recall that it is through the diocese that we are brought into communion with the universal Church. This Feast is especially ours and is an opportunity to renew our bonds as a diocese.

Congratulations to all those St Joey's Athletes who participated in the recent District Athletics Carnival. Students are to be commended on their outstanding individual performances and sportsmanship throughout the day. Special mention to Sophie (10 years Girls) Age Champion, Kate (11 years Girls) Age Champion, William (12 years Boys) Age Champion, Myles (10 years Boys) Runner Up, Ky (11 years Boys) Runner Up and Tom (12 years Boys) Runner Up.

The South West Track and Field will this year be held in Chinchilla on Friday 2nd September at the Chinchilla State High School. This event has been held in St George for many years and it is very exciting that Chinchilla is now hosting this event. Congratulations to the students who have qualified for the South West Track and Field Event.


Letters will go out this week to families that have made application for Prep in 2017. These letters will have instructions on how to book an enrolment interview time for the week beginning Monday, 12th of September.

If you know of anyone that is still seeking enrolment for Prep in 2017 could you please encourage them to get their applications in as soon as possible.


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